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The Italian Coffee

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Manuel Caffé from Italy!

People who drink coffee know, that there are thousands of different brands, many variations of the same two things, Arabica and Robusta. While choosing a brand of espresso to showcase and serve in Mopa Lounge, we wanted the beans that were of the highest quality, rich in flavor, and authentically Italian. We chose to work with Manuel Caffé.

Originally founded in 1975, in Conegliano Veneto, Italy when Giuseppe De Giusti transformed his highly-respected workshop into a company, and he called it Manuel Caffé. The entire family was involved in what over the years was to become a story made of commitment, constancy, and success. Since then the best beans in the World are roasted, left to age, blended, and packaged with the same passion and sold worldwide.

Manuel Caffé contains non-GMO ingredients and qualified as organic to the American standard. We are very proud to be serving such a passionate brand in our Upscale Café Lounge in Oceanside, CA.

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