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Welcome To Mopa Lounge's Post

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Eating with your eyes first

Experience The Difference!

Welcome to our Upscale Lounge Coming Soon to Oceanside, CA.

Design and Lounge under one roof!

We continue the style of high-end furniture from Mopa Design Studio into Mopa Lounge, The Upscale Café and we follow the same quality in the presentation of our food and drinks. We want to give you an aesthetic experience rather than just a single cup of coffee. Everything was meticulously designed to have the most relaxing atmosphere. Our mission is to support artists and their livelihood, therefore you can enjoy year round exhibitions that change monthly. Everytime you visit us there will be something new to explore. We intend on having live music on the weekends with lots of local jazz and quality players to set a weekend ambiance. Between the art, furniture, and music we intend on having the most premier upscale lounge in Southern California.

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